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Maya Train workers in Yucatan denounce harassment by their employers

by Magali Alvarez
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VALLADOLID – Employees of the Tren Maya contracted by the company Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (ICA) are expressing their discontent because, they claim, they are being harassed by their new bosses, who arrived several days ago, forcing them to do work outside their duties.

They even denounce that the new bosses are trying to send them to other sections and those who do not accept this are fired without receiving severance pay.

Some workers who have been working for several months in different responsibilities said that a few days ago new engineers arrived from ICA, who arrived “with a more arrogant mentality” and are lowering the spirits of most of the employees, because they mistreat them.

As an example, they indicated that some of them perform certain tasks in certain sections but suddenly the bosses arrive and order them to do another task and in another section.

More expenses for the Mayan Train workers

They said that they are even sent to segment one, which is located in the Izamal area, but sometimes they are not provided with transportation, so that each person has to find a way to travel to the place to which he/she was sent.

When they were hired, they state, it was agreed to have the city of Valladolid as their camp, but when they are sent to another place they have to look for a new camp, which represents greater expenses for them.

Several of the workers stated that on Friday they had planned to hold a demonstration at the central offices located on the side of Zací Hual Avenue in this city, but apparently they did not reach an agreement and it was not carried out, the objective was to protest against the mistreatment they suffer.

They explained that the section from Izamal to the toll station in Pisté, Tinum, is the most delayed of the project, and those responsible for the work are desperate to advance much faster, but they are affecting the workers.

Mayan Train workers fired for ”not obeying”.

The workers who do not obey are fired without the right to a severance payment, and they even say that it seems that this is exactly what they want: to annoy the employees so that they themselves decide to resign and not pay them anything.

According to the progress of the work, the employees are now required to perform tasks other than what they were told they would be doing.

So little by little they are leaving this area close to the city and are being sent to other points where they are required.

However, when they arrive where they are sent, they do not know the work they will be doing because they have not been trained, so they are simply told that they are of no use to the company and the harassment and pressure begins, presumably so that they will resign.

When they are fired, in the near future, this city will face the problem of unemployment, and as a consequence they will abandon the houses and rooms that they have rented up to now, which will affect the local economy.

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