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Maya indigenous tourist guide speaks 4 languages fluidly

by Yucatan Times
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Mayan man conquers foreign tourists for speaking other languages perfectly

The Mayan culture is usually highly respected today. There are still descendants of this Mesoamerican civilization, who continue to uphold their indigenous roots. Such is the case of Guillermo Chin Canché, the young man of Mayan origin who will work for NASA, or the influencer known as ‘The Last Maya’, who is dedicated to sharing various aspects of his culture through his content on social networks and his work in tourist areas of Yucatan.

‘The last Maya’ is a descendant of the original tribes of Yucatan and is dedicated to promoting his culture in archaeological sites in the state. Likewise, on social networks he uploads content related to his work, making Mayan ideas and beliefs known.


♬ sonido original – último maya

“I bring my humility and joy to all of them so that they see that Mexicans and Mayans receive them with much love,” wrote ‘El último Maya’ in the comments section of one of his videos for TikTok.

One of his most viral videos, with 15 million views, is the one in which he appears speaking French with a group of Canadian tourists. The reason is that ‘The Last Maya’ communicates in his native language: and in perfect French.

@elultimomaya8 Respuesta a @macedonio31 ♬ sonido original – último maya

In their short conversation, the man welcomes them to the place (jokingly asking them if they are friends, enemies, or sacrifices), tells them where the cenote is, and even offers to take a picture by his side as a souvenir of their trip, characterized as an authentic Maya jaguar warrior.

Of course, by receiving tourists from all over the world ‘The last Maya’ learned to speak three languages, in addition to the Mayan dialect, in order to communicate with people who visit Yucatan. So, the man, in addition to mastering French, speaks Spanish and English.

Below is the video clip in which he interacts with a group of American tourists in English, receiving them at the Casa Tortuga Cenote in Tulum, and then making jokes with the wife of one of them.

Spanish and Mayan are the most common ways that ‘The Last Maya’ communicates in his TikTok videos, as he learned the indigenous language from his grandparents and Spanish at school. In the following video, he speaks both to give a reflection on gratitude, humility, equality, and self-love.

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