Marmota Beach, the hidden paradise in Chabihau, Yucatan

There has been a good response to the arrival of tourists on the beaches of the northern coast before the vacations. On Sunday, people from neighboring municipalities arrived at Marmota Beach, a place open to the public outside the center of the port. Rosalinda Pech, from the city of Izamal, commented that it was due to the publicity that this site has received that she visited it with her family, and was surprised by the wonder of the place.

The visitor said that, compared to other ports, this beach manages to receive dozens of visitors, who usually place their belongings under the mangrove trees to enjoy the low, crystalline waters: “We had seen the place on the Internet. It is a remote place and not many people come, it is cooler compared to other places. The trees there help as protection from the sun rays“.

Due to the marine emptiness that has been registered, part of the sea has moved away about 100 meters, so the sandy area has been uncovered, a place where visitors can walk without any problem. This makes the natural area a more attractive space, as it gives the appearance of being a small island surrounded by the sea and the estuary: “There is space for swimming, but you can also walk on the sandy area. You are amazed, it is literally an island. Then little by little the water rises as the breeze comes in, it doesn’t rise much, but it’s beautiful“.

Rosalinda commented that, for these dates, to get a summer house in the ports is highly complicated and expensive for the time that the visitors spend there. She informed that, inquiring with her acquaintances, a house for rent per day is around 2 thousand pesos. In addition, food costs, such as fish, are also high: “Things are expensive in the port. We brought our own food and soft drinks. We spend the day with the family, a little while and then we leave, it is cheaper for us“.

The tourists said that, now that they know this place, they will be visiting it next time, like during their vacations. They also urged the rest of the visitors to take care of it and preserve it so that others can enjoy its beauty: “Don’t forget to take your garbage with you. This place is very clean and very well cared for. It is ideal for vacations because you can save a lot of money instead of renting a house“.

TYT Newsroom