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Many received the spring equinox in Teotihuacán

by Magali Alvarez
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March 20th.- With a clear sky and the sun shining brightly, thousands of national and foreign tourists welcomed spring when the equinox was registered this Monday at the archaeological site of Teotihuacan.

On time for the appointment and without many sanitary restrictions due to the pandemic, the visitors filled the road of the dead and the Sun and Moon squares, in search of “filling themselves with energy” with the entrance of the season of the year.

Mostly dressed in white, and some carrying amulets such as quartz, obsidian or volcanic stones, people returned to occupy the city of the Gods, taking advantage of the long bridge and as not seen for years; forming white rivers.

Visitors raised their hands and looked up to the sky to welcome the spring equinox, followed by applause.

“Coming to the pyramids for me represents filling myself with energy, purifying and cleansing myself and filling myself with all that light and blessing that spring will bring in this 2023,” said Luisa Garrido, a visitor from Mexico City.

“This is my second time coming to the pyramids. And it is an incredible experience and how we have all gathered to be able to feel the energy, through everyone and through nature we receive this great energy that helps us,” expressed Michel Díaz Carranza tourist from Honduras.

“It is my first time and it is very nice to have come and with the arrival of spring it is better to be here, I came alone from Nuevo Leon,” said Martina Guadalupe Ochoa Morales.

Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan. (PHOTO: sacredsites.com)

Esoteric groups and pre-Hispanic dancers congregated in the Plaza del Sol and spread out their mats with quartz, incense, lotions and everything to attract good vibes.

This time visitors were not allowed to climb to the tops of the pyramids of the Sun, the Moon and Quetzalcoatl. The Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) coordinated with the National Guard and state and municipal police of Teotihuacan and San Martin de las Pyramides an operation to ensure the safety of visitors and the protection of the monuments.

150 elements of the National Guard were deployed inside the zone, in addition to 120 state and municipal elements outside as well as medical units.

The Spring Equinox 2023 operation was in force since last Friday 18 and ends this March 21.

Rogelio Rivero Chong, director of the Tehotihuacuán Archaeological Zone informed that up to 2 p.m. there was an influx of around 17 thousand visitors, while on Sunday there were 30 thousand.

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