Intense heat increases water consumption in Mérida

Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Merida Yucatan; March 30, 2023.- The intense heat in recent weeks has significantly increased water consumption in Mérida.

In this regard, the director of the Yucatan Drinking Water and Sewerage Board (JAPAY), Carlos Castillo Sosa, acknowledged that it is precisely in this period when the subtraction, purification, and re-pumping teams of the vital liquid have to be prepared to supply the almost 400,000 properties that the water reaches in the state capital.

“Since October, we have been giving preventive maintenance to our teams because, with greater work capacity, they work more,” he explained.

The official reported that, in these first days of the hot season, water consumption grew between 15 and 20%, that is, users go from daily consumption of 120 to 140 liters of liquid daily.

In this vein, he warned that it is the responsibility of citizens to take care that the vital liquid that reaches their homes is not wasted, since it depends on this that the supply does not have failures due to the high demand that exists at this time.

“That is why we ask all users to use this vital liquid consciously. We urge every one to check out your facility. Many times, the hose that is connected to the tap that goes to the house leaks and we leave it open, that flow of water is lost,” he remarked.

Also, users of the drinking water service were urged to denounce those who use peripheral pumps to improve the supply of liquid to their homes, an activity that is prohibited in the city.

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