In Campeche, four dogs were rescued after several days of confinement, without food and water

Photo: Punto medio

Following a 911 report and with the consent of the owner of the rental property, personnel from the Environmental Protection Agency (Procuraduría de Protección al Ambiente) secured four puppies in Colonia Kalá, Campeche.

The dogs had been locked up, homeless, without food and water for several days, according to neighbors.

The rescuers provided them with the necessary veterinary care, food, and a warm welcome at the offices of the agency, where an administrative procedure will be initiated immediately against the owner of the animals.

According to statistical data, Mexico is among the first places of animal abuse in Latin America, which not only represents a high degree of violence, but also a clear position of many of the inhabitants, guided by rapture and cruelty regarding the care of domestic animals, and seven out of every 10 animals suffer some type of abuse.

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