Photo: Yucatán a la mano

In a session of the Arts and Culture Commission, the deputies unanimously approved the draft decree to declare March 3rd as “State Human Rights Day”, to commemorate the date on which the Human Rights Commission of the State of Yucatan (Codhey) was created in 1993.

During March, activities will be carried out to promote the values and ideals of human rights.

Also approved by unanimity, was the draft resolution to declare November 19 as “The Day of the Enterprising Woman”, to make visible the efforts of women who enter the business sector and raising awareness in society to eliminate the barriers faced by women in Yucatan who decide to become entrepreneurs.

In this regard, congressman Crescencio Gutiérrez González emphasized that with this approval, the work carried out in the Legislative Branch to continue promoting gender equality and supporting women is once again demonstrated.

Representative Manuela Cocom Bolio expressed her satisfaction with the initiatives approved and distributed, acknowledging the work of the enterprising women.

The analysis of the resolution to declare “2023, Bicentennial of the State Congress” continued and the initiative to create the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” Recognition was distributed to the representatives.

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