Get ready to see the spectacular Pink Moon in Yucatan

Photo: SIPSE

MÉRIDA, Yuc.- The Easter holidays arrive in Yucatán marked by a celestial spectacle: a beautiful full Moon known as the Pink Moon.

The origin of this term for our satellite, according to the Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is because it is related to the flowering of wild phlox, a fuchsia flower.

The term was published by the American newspaper Farmers’ Almanac in 1930, when the way in which the American Indians baptized the Moon every certain period of time was interpreted.

Therefore, the Moon does not have a pink color, but it is related to the growth of the flora that begins spring.

When and where to see the Pink Moon in Yucatan?
In Yucatan, the Pink Moon can be seen next Thursday, April 6, when the satellite will reach its maximum brightness, which will appear in the sky during the first minutes of sunset.

It should be noted that this Moon is also the one that marks the beginning of Holy Week within religious celebrations, which is precisely based on the first full Moon in April to establish its dates each year.

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