German circus replaces wild animals with holograms

For a couple of years now, circuses have had to innovate with the way they conduct their shows to entertain their audiences, since there are more and more measures against the use of wild animals in circuses. Those in charge of these entertainment centers have had to say goodbye to those routines of tigers jumping through hoops or of elefants walking along the runway.

Circus Roncalli, a circus in Germany has found the perfect way to continue using wild animals in their presentations but without the need to take away their freedom, the way they have achieved this has left surprised all those who have witnessed the show live or through social networks have seen small fragments of the show.

The circus uses 11 laser projectors to create impressive holograms that perfectly mimic the movements of animals ranging from towering elephants to a show of horses speeding across the main stage. The multinational company Optoma is behind this technology that allows the creation of a ‘magic’ life.

More and more people are visiting this show since only in 2018 they registered an entry of 600 thousand attendees who enjoy the show thanks to the implementation of lasers distributed strategically along the 32-meter tent.

Although this technology is currently the main attraction of Circus Roncalli, the circus complements its show with tightrope walkers, trapeze acrobats, and other artists who have been accompanying this interactive show with the public since 1976, the year it was founded.

TYT Newsroom