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Five cenotes to visit with less than 100 MXN in Yucatán

by Sofia Navarro
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To visit the cenotes in Yucatan you only need to have the will, plan your route well, and be determined to visit these unique underground wonders full of mystery.

It is not necessary to spend a great amount of money to enjoy these bodies of water, and for that there are five cenotes that can be visited and access costs less than 100 pesos.

Cenote Xbatún-San Antonio Mulix-60 pesos.

The Xbatún cenote is open and has an incredible view; it has been the scene of soap operas and has been visited by several celebrities.

The roots of the trees hang from the top of the stone wall and connect with its crystalline waters, which form a beautiful postcard for the eyes of tourists who visit this cenote. It has very shallow parts, approximately one meter deep and reaches up to 20 meters.

X’Batún Cenote (File photo)

Cenote Kankirixché, Mucuyché, Abalá-60 pesos

It is a semi-open free-fall cenote, with stairs and a wooden platform to access the water mirror. The color of the water is blue and measures 25 meters long by 15 meters wide and a maximum depth of 50 meters and a minimum of 2 meters.

In its interior it has a cavern at 50 meters deep, with wide underwater galleries and good visibility. Its current use is for tourism, with optimal conditions for swimming, diving and observation. It is recommended to wear life jackets, avoid the use of sunscreen and be very careful when descending the stairs.

Mani Chan-Homun Cenote, 50 pesos

The Grotto Cenote Mani-Chan is a tourist complex, where you can perform various activities among which is the cenote with crystal clear waters, likewise fossils such as petrified shells, stalactites and stalagmites can be appreciated.

The Cenote Mani Chan is located in a completely open area very clean and ready for you to discover that in a small cave entrance is sheltered this beautiful cenote.

Noh Mozón-Pixyah Cenote-40 pesos

This is an open type cenote with 9 meters of free fall, you descend through a wooden staircase that facilitates the entrance to the cenote that ends in a platform from where you can access the water.

The color of the water is blue, and its mirror measures 30 meters long by 20 meters wide and a maximum depth of 45 meters. Its current use is for tourism, swimming, diving and observation. It is one of the main cenotes used for diving activities. This cenote looks like a natural pool.

Mucuyché Cenote

Yaal Utzil-Mucuyché Cenote, Abalá-60 pesos

It is located only 30 minutes from the city of Merida in the town of Mucuyche, Abalá. This beautiful cenote is called Yaal utzil, which has a depth of 19 meters and is completely open.

Near the entrance to Mucuyché, you will have to turn left around a corner before reaching the curve and go just a few meters, you will find a house that is at the bottom, there is the cenote manager who will welcome you and open the doors so you can go down and admire the natural beauty of its crystal clear waters.

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