Family man kills subject who broke into his home and tried to abuse his wife

Inside a property in the San Antonio Xluch III neighborhood, a subject was reported dead in the early hours of Tuesday, March 14th. The man broke into the property to sexually abuse the women there and was caught by the owner of the house.

MÉRIDA, Yuc., March 14, 2023.- What has been found up to now is that the now deceased, whose name remains unknown, entered a house on 179th street and touched the mother and her little daughter while asleep, and the woman woke with a scream.

The scream woke up her husband, who upon seeing the subject inside his property, confronted him. The offender tried to attack the man with a knife, but he took the weapon from him and attacked him instead, leaving him seriously injured.

The prompt intervention of the emergency services was requested, and paramedics arrived who, after assessing the subject, reported that he had no vital signs.

SSP agents secured the property and requested the intervention of Semefo, the State Investigation Police as well as the Homicide Command of the FGE. The husband was presented before the authorities while the investigations of the case are carried out. 

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