Family denounces next-door neighbor for harassment in Umán

Vecino de Umán, courtesy of Por Esto!

A resident of the Bicentenario subdivision in the city of Umán denounced a man, who lives across the street from her home, and often performs obscene acts in front of her house.

Through social networks, the woman reported that her neighbor Juan José ‘N’ often masturbates in front of her house at Calle 47 # 584 x 34 e y 34 of the above-mentioned subdivision.

It is presumed that the man usually consumes drugs when he commits such immoral actions in the public streets of the town of Umán.

The victim mentioned that previously she and a neighbor had filed a complaint against the man with the Attorney General’s Office (FGE), but it did not proceed, since he is inside her home.

In her Facebook post she states that the man is a harasser of women in the Bicentenario neighborhood and is considered a troublemaker.

She has also opted to take precautions in her home, such as installing security cameras for the protection of her underage daughters.

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