Expert says work stress affects seven out of 10 Mexicans

Workers launch strike at Mexican magnate Slim's Telmex (Photo: EFE)

The increase in work stress has significant effects on the health of workers since it is estimated that seven out of 10 Mexicans suffer the effects of this condition, but 80 percent of companies do not have strategies to reduce the impact on their staff, warned a specialist.

“Work stress occurs when the increasing pressure in the work environment can cause physical and/or mental saturation of the worker, generating various consequences that not only affect health but also their immediate environment,” Fernando told the Mexican press. Anzures, a specialist in work stress.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), work stress is identified as a group of emotional, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral reactions to professional demands that exceed the knowledge and skills of the worker to perform optimally.

With 75 percent of its population economically active, Mexico ranks first worldwide in work stress; followed by China, with 73 percent, and the United States, with 59 percent, according to a WHO study.

According to Anzures, who is also a marketer, the Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on the increase in work stress, mainly driven by the imbalance between activities, work at home, housework, and family life.

Likewise, he explained that the constant fear of contagion, adaptation to organizational restructuring, the need to obtain extra income, as well as the loss of respect for work schedules by employers had an influence on increasing this situation.

Some studies found that high job demands result in a seven times greater risk of emotional exhaustion, while little support from co-workers results in twice the risk of back, neck, and shoulder problems and under control of work.

In addition, the risk of cardiovascular mortality is multiplied by two and a lot of stress can produce three times the risk of morbidity due to hypertension.

In addition, Anzures specified, some long-term consequences of this situation are reduced productivity, decreased quality of life, physical and mental problems, depression, anxiety, and the risk of developing alcoholism and other addictions.

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