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Expert says people must fight racism and discrimination in Yucatan

by Sofia Navarro
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The Coordinator of Race and Equality in Brazil, Rodney Jérico Da Silva, called on the Mexican State to carry out affirmative actions against discrimination and racism, in order to make them visible and so that they can be eradicated.

Within the framework of the conference “Weaving networks against systemic racism and racial discrimination in Mexico“, convened by the Human Rights Commission of the State of Yucatán in coordination with the Judiciary, the expert pointed out that in Mexico there is no dimension of discrimination and racism cases due to the fact that few complaints reach the judges.

“That is why it is proposed to carry out an investigation to determine if there are no cases or if they are not reported. Based on the experience we have in Brazil, we can say that it is because the cases do not arrive, especially if we are talking about indigenous communities, which is the largest population in Mexico,” he said.

At the headquarters of the Classroom of the Center for Operating Institutions of the Oral and Accusatory Penal System, the specialist and trial lawyer against racism, highlighted the importance of taking into account the experience of other countries that have advanced in the area of ​​prevention and denunciation.

“To combat racism in Brazil, affirmative actions have been carried out in the educational system, in the labor market, both public and private, in the justice system, among other sectors. For the changes to occur, we have to be in the decision-making spaces”, he pointed out.

For his part, the president of CODHEY, Miguel Oscar Sabido Santana, recalled that although the first Article of our Constitution states that all people shall enjoy human rights and that all discrimination is prohibited, there are innumerable cases of inequality and of racism motivated by ethnic origin.

He said that racism is the mirror where social practices full of exclusion and narratives full of stereotypes are reflected, where hate speech can be detected and social processes that go hand in hand with processes of structural inequality such as poverty can be identified.

“While racism is a disease that will take work to eradicate and that requires comprehensive solutions, an effective route is the trench of human rights,” he said.

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