Dog rescue worker dies in Yucatan, leaving 16 animals “orphaned”

Photo: La Verdad Noticias

At the age of 63, Marlen Arcique Contreras, a well-known rescue worker and animal activist in Yucatan died leaving behind 16 canines.

The rescue community in Yucatán is in mourning, after the reported death of Marlen Arcique Contreras, a woman who headed the ‘Colitas Felices‘ Association for many years, and now some 16 dogs have been orphaned.

The woman, originally from Tixkokob, was dedicated to rescuing abandoned animals, so she decided to set up a space in her house to cure, care for, give a home and a better quality of life to the furry ones.

Photo: La Verdad Noticias

The rescuer was married to Manuel Couoh Vera, who is also deceased and is survived by her two sons Alejandro and Gerardo.

It is worth mentioning that help is currently being requested for the dogs, as they were left without a caregiver to provide them with the attention and love that Marlen used to give them.

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