Digital Yucatan provides students in the south of Merida with free Internet in their schools

Photo: Progreso Hoy

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal continues to supervise the operation of the Yucatán Digital program in schools throughout the state, providing students with free Internet for a better educational experience.

MÉRIDA – Yucatán is becoming an increasingly innovative state with the Yucatán Digital program, which provides free Internet to all schools in the state to give students like Leonel Coronel Domínguez from the “José Vasconcelos” General Secondary School Number 4, a better educational experience thanks to the drive of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal so that all children and young people have the same opportunities to learn.

“Thank you, Governor, for everything you have done to bring the Internet to our school because it has helped us a lot. Now we have the Internet at our fingertips so we can do our research, do our homework better, and learn about new technologies,” said the first year high school student during the Governor’s visit.

To verify the progress of the Yucatán Digital program, the Governor visited the “José Vasconcelos” General Secondary School number 4 in the morning shift and “Silvia Nelly Cuevas Aguilar” in the afternoon shift, which is providing Internet to more than 1,200 students in this school alone to continue transforming education in the state.

In his message, Vila Dosal recalled that, through Yucatan Digital, Internet has been brought to schools, in its first phase, with 1,180 high-speed links in 31 municipalities, at no cost to families and benefiting 129,000 young people, children and teachers.

In addition, he added, the schools are connected to 35 government offices so that mothers and fathers can have procedures and services closer to them, thus avoiding the need to travel to other parts of the country and the expenses this entails.

“All this will allow Yucatecans to have access to high quality educational resources at no cost to their parents and thus close the technological and social gap in the state; from the State Government we will continue working very hard to make the changes that Yucatan needs to transform the state and to do better than what happened to me and your parents,” said the Governor, accompanied by the head of the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL), Roger Torres Peniche.

Later, Vila Dosal visited the digital classroom of this school where students showed him the digital project that consists of developing various designs of a fast soccer field using innovative programs and using the network with fiber optic Internet connection with 50 megabytes downstream and 50 upstream speed provided by this state scheme.

Vila Dosal made a series of announcements to improve the school’s facilities before the directors of the morning and afternoon shifts, Emily Barahona Pereira and Rigel Ismael Pino Medina, respectively. He instructed the head of the Ministry of Education (SEGEY), Liborio Vidal Aguilar, to deliver 30 new computers for students in both shifts, as they currently only have 9 functional computers.

He also instructed the director of the Institute for the Development and Certification of the Physical Educational and Electrical Infrastructure of Yucatán (IDEFEEY), Luis Jorge Montalvo Duarte, to install boards on the basketball court, a volleyball net and synthetic grass on the soccer field.

So that students can practice karate and other activities without fear of injury, the Governor asked for the concrete floor of the basketball court to be smoothed, as well as for fans to be replaced in the classrooms that require it. Broken doors and windows in the classrooms will also be replaced.

In his turn, Vidal Aguilar, pointed out that the Internet is a vital tool for learning and global connection, which is why Yucatán cannot be left behind and we Yucatecans like to be at the forefront and do things well, which is why, with this effort by the Governor, we are fighting to reduce the inequality gap in education.

“It is about creating a fairer and more equitable society where everyone has the same opportunities to learn and grow, where the children and youth of Yucatan have the power to transform their lives thanks to the digital and technological skills they have acquired,” assured the state official.

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