Confirmed: tortilla price adjustment will take place in March

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

It is confirmed that local merchants will be making an adjustment to the price of tortillas throughout the State.

In this regard, Fernando Monsivais Rodríguez, president of the National Chamber of the Mass and Tortilla Industry in Yucatán, said that the increase in the cost of corn flour had an impact on the spending of merchants, which is why they are forced to make adjustments to the cost of tortillas in the state.

He said that since the first day of March, several industrialists of this product began to adjust their prices, because from that same day a rise in the price of corn flour was generated, whose price doubled significantly, going from 12 to 25 pesos per package.

“The average price in the tortilla market, before March, was between 22 and 26 pesos per kilo, although with the adjustments, we will see average prices between 23 and 28 pesos per kilo,” he explained.

“However, in some areas, especially in the north of the city of Merida, prices will be higher than 30 pesos per kilo,” Monsivais Rodrìguez added.

He remarked that the adjustment to the price of tortillas will depend on each manufacturer, and mentioned that some made the increase as of March 1st, while others will be doing so as they acquire the input with the new price.

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