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Complications arising in Valladolid due to Tren Maya construction work

by Yucatan Times
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As part of the construction works of the Maya Train Project, the bridge that connects the municipality of Uayma with the town of Tinum was demolished, which complicates traffic on this state highway that also connects with the road to Izamal.

As a result of this measure, motorists are forced to use the toll road, drive about four kilometers, look for a turnaround, and return to continue their round trip.

Due to the Tren Maya project, the company Ingenieros Civiles y Asociados (ICA), in charge of the work on section four of the Tren Maya, has destroyed several bridges over the toll road, such as the one in this city, which connects with the road to Tizimín, the one in Yalcobá that connects to the Tahmuy police station, the one in Sisbicchén, in the municipality of Chemax, and now the one that connects Uayma with Tinum has been destroyed.

This road is one of the roads that connects with Izamal, where buses travel to Motul, and even to Mérida, but they face difficulties in reaching their destination, since this road is blocked both there and back.

The drivers coming from Tinum to Uayma, upon arriving at the point where the bridge used to be, take an opening on one side, and go up to the toll road, advance towards Merida for about four kilometers to reach the only turn-off at kilometer 134 and return the same distance, until they reach a cobblestone road in poor condition to rejoin the state highway to continue on their way.

Numerous signposts

Due to the number of signs that have been installed, drivers get confused and continue, so that they arrive in Valladolid, right at the distributor road that is on the bridge that connects to Tizimín and enter this city on that side, that is to say in the north, instead of leaving through Uayma and entering through the west of the city.

In case the driver wants to get to Uayma, if he gets confused and does not enter the breach, he has no choice but to enter Valladolid, and then take the highway to go to that community, which makes his trip longer, wasting more time and consuming more fuel.

According to a tour of the site where the work is being carried out, there is a high probability of having an accident due to the complicated traffic, since when going up the toll road the traffic is heavy, so it is necessary to drive at low speed to avoid colliding or being hit by a collision, as has happened recently.

Last week, just in that stretch, a rear-end collision occurred, where the driver of one of the vehicles involved was injured after overturning the truck he was driving.

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