Civil Registry delivers birth certificates for pets in Merida

Photo: Unsplash

The Civil Registry delivered birth certificates to pets of neighbors of the San José Vergel neighborhood and carried out outreach activities to encourage and promote awareness among children and adults about the importance of citizen registration, during the pilot day of the “My identity, my pet” program.

Dozens of neighbors of this neighborhood participated in the different activities of the pilot program, designed by the director of the Civil Registry, Juan de Dios Collí Pinto, with the objective of explaining the benefits offered by the agency at the time of generating a birth certificate.

The dynamic designed for the event, in addition to promoting family coexistence, links the rights of animals and the responsibility that citizens have.

The identity document that was given to the pets of some attendees served as an example for their owners to understand how this certificate gives you access to certain rights, such as health, education and recreational activities, i.e., it becomes “a key“.

As part of the activities, the children learned how the registration process works and what it is really for, as well as the way in which the benefits are obtained; the exercise consisted of using the certificate as a passport to access pet care services in the modules that were installed for the occasion.

Ensures that humanizing pets are required behaviors that limit their well-being. (Photo: Pxhere)

Those who presented their pet’s registration certificate were able to request free vaccinations and deworming, but also to participate in recreational activities such as photo booths; also, some pet stores at the event offered discounts on their products to those who presented their pets’ identity documents.

According to reports from the agency, if the results obtained in this first pilot activity are favorable, this proposal could crystallize into a program to be carried out on a permanent basis.

The day was accompanied by the mobile unit of the Civil Registry, a vehicle equipped with technological equipment to offer all kinds of services, such as birth certificates, corrections of the unique population registry code (CURP) and, if necessary, the unit could have held a marriage on site because it has the capacity to do so.

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