Citizens block Merida’s Periférico to protest against CFE

The residents of the neighborhood of ‘La Guadalupana’ blocked the Periférico with branches, logs, and stones.

They stated that for approximately 15 days they have been suffering from the ‘bad service‘ of electric energy, and although they have reported it to the Federal Electricity Commission, they have allegedly been ignored.

According to them, the service is efficient and intermittent, and the crews come to ‘fix the problem, but they only last a day or several hours at the most’, since the problems return.

Fed up with this situation and the alleged lack of interest on the part of the CFE to solve the problem, the neighbors came out at kilometer 8 of the peripheral to demand a solution to their problems.

With branches and stones, on Monday evening, the neighbors blocked one lane of the aforementioned road and the side street leading to the neighborhood and indicated that they would not leave the area until their problem was resolved.

It is worth mentioning that the neighbors indicated that the deficiencies in the electricity service have brought them economic losses, since many of the things they buy to eat, break down, as well as there are businesses such as small stores that are affected by this situation.

TYT Newsroom

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