Cholera, number one enemy during the hot season

Heat stroke, dehydration and gastroenteritis, better known as diarrhea, are the most common ailments from March to October, however, the number one enemy during the hot season is cholera.

In spite of the advances in water purification and the work done by the Ministry of Health to raise people’s awareness, there are things that resist change, and there are diseases that have not ceased to circulate.

The annual incidence of cholera in Mexico decreased from a peak of 16 430 annual cases in 1995 to a single case in 2001 and no cases in 2002 . 

Overall, the case fatality rate was below 1%. The highest incidence rates occurred in the southern and northern regions.

In October last year, the federal government advised health care facilities to be on the lookout for cases of cholera due to an outbreak of the disease in Haiti.

Citing the Pan American Health Organization’s report of a cholera outbreak in the Caribbean country, the Health Ministry said Thursday that the government had issued an “epidemiological notice” advising all “health units” to be alert to symptoms of the bacterial disease in people who have recently been in Haiti.

Fleeing poverty, violence and political uncertainty, large numbers of Haitians have come to Mexico in recent years.

Back then, the Pan American Health Organization stated that it was “working closely with Haitian public health authorities and international partners to support the country’s response to the recent cholera outbreak.”

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