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Chicxulub invaders move into the mangrove area

by Sofia Navarro
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After a chaotic Monday in the Chicxulub Puerto community, where at least 300 invaders were chased away by police. The inhabitants of this community expressed that the tension continues, especially due to the presence of numerous patrol cars that move from one end of the town to the other.

“I don’t think Chicxulub has ever experienced anything like this before, the closest thing was the demonstrations when they wanted to demolish the kiosk in our park, and in the end, it was demolished. Honestly, we are running scared, because several of the people who were expelled from the invasion are still around here in Chicxulub,” said resident Mario Figueroa.

Part of what is perceived by the whole population is the constant activity of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) vehicles, most of which remain in the nightclub zone and the vicinity of the coastal area. Some of the “invaders” were seen returning to look for some of their belongings.

“This is the only way to control this problem, we are not going to allow Chicxulub to become like Flamboyanes, the invasion area is full of conflicts and had a rapid increase of population coming from other parts of the country in less than five years, the situation there is out of control,” said Verónica Lara, a resident of the coastal zone.

As reported by POR ESTO! at the beginning of the week, it was around 03:00 hours last Monday, the 19th of this month, when police forces entered the town to expel more than 300 people. Subsequently, there was a second confrontation, where the police detained 42 people, who remained in police custody for 72 hours.

It was after midday of that day, when supposed workers with phosphorescent vests, without any logo of any municipal agency or authority, showed up to carry out the work of removing the remnants of the houses, although many of the invaders were also sighted and confronted the authorities during the operation.

Although an attempt was made to take a statement from some of these visitors, none of them agreed to identify themselves with their real names, although they did make it clear that they would take action as soon as possible, as they claimed that there was an alleged excess of rudeness on the part of the elements.

Currently, the invasion zone looks completely uninhabited and with notable demolitions that were made to the improvised houses, most of them made of cardboard and sheets.

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