Check out “Little Shop” a success story in Seyé, Yucatan

Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Seyé, Yucatán; March 12, 2023 – Pamela Contreras is a resident of the municipality of Seyé, she started a hair bun business ten years ago, at the beginning, many people did not understand, nor did they believe that her business would be profitable; however, Pamela was persistent and under the name of “Little Shop”, her business became a success.

With sales in the city of Merida, shipments to the interior of the state, and to different parts of the Mexican Republic, Little Shop continues to reap success.

Bows, ribbons, ribbons for pregnant women, headdresses, bridal or quinceañera bouquets, and decorated caps, among other things are some of the products offered to the public by Little Shop.

Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Pamela works from home,she lives near the exit of the Seyé-Mérida road, towards the federal highway, where she has set up a space to meet with her creativity and create pieces for girls, teenagers, brides, quinceañeras and anyone who likes her products.

Her prices are different depending on the degree of detail of the piece, as well as the materials such as rhinestones, quality ribbons, and even famous characters, recreated by Pamela.

Like many entrepreneurs, she also suffered frustration and sadness for not being able to sell her items, but as she stated “she never gave up”. And the motivation came when she saw that her merchandise had great demand during an Expo in Merida.

Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Today she is a recognized entrepreneur in the municipality of Seyé, she also broadcasts live on her social media pages Little shop and Contreras Pamela, where she also teaches and motivates more people to follow their dreams.

To reach this young Yucatecan entrepreneur customers can contact her by phone at 984 127 5450. Her business is located in the municipality of Seyé, Yucatán.

Seyé is only 32 kilometers (20 miles) southeast of Merida (INEGI)

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