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Canadian expat declares war on Chelem residents -Watch Video-

by Yucatan Times

A group of neighbors of the port of Chelem gathered in front of the house of Canadian Daniel Brunet, whom they accused of poisoning five dogs rescued by migrants and Yucatecans living in what was once a peaceful place.
Daniel Brunet has multiple complaints before the prosecutor’s office, including investigation files GQ000057/2023 and UNATD11-GD/061/2023.

In 2021, the Canadian-born Brunet was accused of assaulting a Mayan woman and was arrested by police. However, reports indicate that after payment of a fine, the Canadian was released without further consequences.
In addition to this conflict, another one began to arise. The foreigner considered the stray dogs a nuisance and, according to local neighbors, decided to kill two of them. One was poisoned, and the other was run over, although there is no evidence to link it directly.

The neighbors decided to install a fence, which annoyed Mr. Brunet, who sent his workers to remove it but could not because the neighbors and authorities prevented him from doing so. From then on, he began to place train horns on his vehicles, which he operates at dawn or late at night, driving around the block to harass those neighbors who protested his actions. One, in particular, has an older adult who has Alzheimer’s and who settled in this port because of the peaceful and quietness, who suffers from scares because of the sound of the train horns.

The dogs.
According to testimonies from neighbors, Brunet was determined to kill the animals rescued and sterilized by neighbors who donated to these causes. Some people in a white van, which the neighbors accuse of being employees of the Canadian, placed food with chemicals on the public road, which, when consumed by the adopted dogs, caused their death. It is worth remembering that in Yucatan, according to the current Penal Code, Article 409 states: “Whoever commits acts of mistreatment or cruelty against a domestic animal, causing death, will be sentenced to 6 months to 2 years in prison and from two hundred to four hundred days-fine”.

Dead dog 1
Dead dog 2
Poisoned food
White truck allegedly belongs to Canadian Brunet

The protest
Yesterday, Sunday, March 26, a group of neighbors of the port was demonstrating in front of the house of the foreigner Brunet when a woman identified as Yahaira de los Santos physically assaulted two of the demonstrators. A foreign man by the name Robert Danbert was bitten on the neck, and an older woman by the name Linda Perrier was thrown to the ground and dragged while beaten by Yahaira de los Santos from the Dominican Republic, assaulted two people, one of them an elderly woman.. The police officers at the location did nothing despite requests to arrest the aggressor. Neighbors indicate that Mrs. de los Santos is the sentimental partner of the Canadian with whom she has a son, born in Yucatan.

Daniel Brunet
So far, it is known that Mr. Brunet is from the French region of Canada. He has multiple properties, according to the Public Registry of Property, from which he has generated real estate business on the Yucatecan coasts.
The foreigner Brunet has been denounced, among other things, for animal abuse, violence against a Mayan woman from Chelem, and violence against his neighbors. Still, despite the evidence, ministerial complaints, and meetings of expatriates in the public library of Chelem, no authorities have acted. The neighbors mention a man named Apolinar Segura, who is mentioned in interviews with those involved as a former member of the Yucatan Secretary of Public Security. The Yucatan Times has asked the agency to confirm or deny this information.
In the following days, The Yucatan Times will request interviews with Julián Zacarías Curi, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Yucatán, and other authorities to determine what happened and why no support has been provided to the neighbors who have denounced these outrages.

Mr. Brunet assaults a Mayan woman from Chelem Yucatanin 2021

For The Yucatan Times
Juan Argaez.

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Sandy Dutton March 27, 2023 - 1:02 pm

Brunet is an embarrassment for Canadians, please do not let this old fool get away with whatever he wants. He is a GUEST in your country who obviously has no respect for your people or laws. Kick his ass out of Mexico

Jean Luc Carrier March 28, 2023 - 3:29 pm

You are just being bigoted against those of us Quebecois who are your neighbors here in Yucatan! French Canadians have the same amount of rights as you in Mexico, and your attempt to smear us will not be successful!

Greg R March 27, 2023 - 5:38 pm

It’s amazing this fat pig thinks he’s King because of his money in a country he’s a GUEST in! He’ll likely end up floating in the Gulf of Mexico someday.


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