Aquox, the septic tank invented in Yucatan to produce green energy

Scientists from the Center for Scientific Research of Yucatan (CICY) created an improved septic tank capable of using organic waste from household and commercial water discharges to transform them into green energy, with the vision of contributing to the conservation of the aquifer of the peninsula and the generation of new energy sources that contribute to reduce global warming.

Dr. Liliana Alzate Gaviria, inventor of this new system and researcher of the Renewable Energy Unit, explained that this technology is already a registered trademark called Aquox and is patented in Mexico, as well as in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the United States and Peru.

She indicated that this technology is designed to have a positive impact on the region of the Yucatan Peninsula, due to the characteristics of its karst landscape, which also lacks sewage systems, making it more vulnerable to contamination from sewage discharges from homes and businesses.

She indicated that this system sees wastewater as a source of energy, converting that energy into sugar and fat molecules, among others. So in addition, the project seeks to take care of people’s health, using this state-of-the-art technology and allow to reach parameters that can comply with the Mexican Official Standard NOM-001-SEMARNAT-2021, while taking care of the aquifer, at the same time.

This project was initially created as an alternative solution to the problems faced by Mexico in the treatment of wastewater.

TYT Newsroom