AMLO’s government incapable of solving violence against women (PAN leader Marko Cortés)

Violence against women continues to increase, while López Obrador’s government does not do enough to eradicate the aggressions that are committed every day against women in the country, in addition to the fact that the application of justice and attention to victims continues to be slow and inefficient, affirmed the leader of the PAN political party, Marko Cortés Mendoza.

“Based on macho and outdated prejudices, the Morena government became the enemy of women’s causes, not only turning its back on them, but verbally attacking them, to influence them with fear and silence their protests, as has happened in every celebration of International Women’s Day,” he added.

He criticized that the government has defined the women’s struggle as a “conservative” movement, a product of neoliberalism. The government attacks feminist movements because it considers them enemies of the regime, whose only objective is to discredit López Obrador and his movement of national destruction.

TYT Newsroom