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Aluxes, mythical creatures of the ancient Maya

by Sofia Navarro
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The Aluxes (also spelled as Aluxob) are mythical creatures in Mayan folklore, believed to be small, mischievous, and magical beings that inhabit the forests and caves of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and parts of Central America. They are said to be guardians of the jungle, protecting it and its inhabitants from harm.

According to legend, the Aluxes were created by the gods as helpers for the Mayan people. They were said to be small in stature, with pointy ears, and large, bright eyes that glow in the dark. They were known for their playful nature and were often said to play tricks on people.

The Aluxes were believed to have the power to shape-shift, becoming invisible or taking on the form of animals or objects. They were also believed to possess the power to bring good luck, protect people from harm, and even heal the sick.

In Mayan culture, it was common for people to leave offerings for the Aluxes in hopes of gaining their favor and protection. These offerings typically included food, alcohol, and small gifts such as toys and trinkets.

Today, the Aluxes remain an important part of Mayan culture, with many people still believing in their existence and leaving offerings for them in the jungle. They have also become a popular tourist attraction in the Yucatan Peninsula, with many guided tours and attractions dedicated to the myth and legend of the Aluxes.

Recently, the Aluxes were in the spotlight when Mexican president Lopez Obrador had the “bright idea” of posting the photograph of what he called an Aluxe on his social networks. Of course, this action had a negative reaction from the international media, as news outlets around the world started making fun of the photograph, ridiculizing the Maya culture’s legends and traditions.

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