A customer was reportedly assaulted in a well-known bar in Mérida

This weekend a man was reportedly assaulted in a bar in Merida, and a video of the alleged beating is circulating on social networks.

According to a report on social networks, the incident occurred at the bar ‘La Mentecata‘, located on Calle 56 by 53 and 55 in downtown Merida.

It was reported that the man was allegedly beaten to death by security guards who were controlling a fight between customers.

The incident occurred around 3:00 a.m., when one of the customers allegedly got out of control from drinking alcoholic beverages and began to argue with another customer.

La Mentecata (Photo: Facebook)

In this situation, the guards the place tried to control the situation, however, it got out of control and in the heat of the drinks, one of the customers began to assault the guards, and a fight broke out.

After the incident, witnesses took evidence of what happened and recorded the alleged beating on video.

The aggression of a client in a bar in Mérida is regretted

When this situation spread on social networks, users said that it was unfortunate that instead of controlling the situation, the security guards joined the fight and left the customer lying on the sidewalk.

It was reported that agents of the State Police arrived at the place and controlled the incident.

It is worth mentioning that the manager of the aforementioned bar in Merida indicated to the authorities that the client broke the main door glass, which caused him to be beaten.

La Mentecata is located on Calle 56 num 469 bx 53 y 55 Centro, Mérida 97000 México 

PH.- +52 999 431 0200 


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