53 million pesos will be invested in Eastern Yucatan municipalities’ public schools

Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Mérida, Yucatán; March 15, 2023.- “The School is Ours”, a program of the Government of the Republic will deliver this year 53 million 450 thousand pesos to 156 public schools in 7 municipalities in the eastern part of the state, with the purpose that the schools of Yucatán continue improving their educational quality and their facilities for a better school performance.

The Federal Government delegate in Yucatan, Joaquin Diaz Mena, indicated that 10 schools in the municipality of Calotmul will receive a total of 2 million 600 thousand pesos; and 24 schools in Espita will receive a total of 7 million 650 thousand pesos.

Likewise, 14 schools in the municipality of Panabá will benefit with a total of 4 million 700 thousand pesos; 7 schools in Río Lagartos will receive 2 million 400 thousand pesos; 4 schools in the port of San Felipe will receive 1 million 300 thousand pesos; 4 schools in Sucilá will receive 2 million 050 thousand pesos and 93 schools in the municipality of Tizimín will receive 32 million 750 thousand pesos.

Diaz Mena highlighted the work that has been carried out in the schools with the support received as part of the program, among which he highlighted the construction of domes, classrooms, walkways, work material for teachers, air conditioning in classrooms, projectors with screens, computers, to mention a few.

He also urged the principals to be part of the decision making process in the improvement of their schools and to create new committees so that more parents know about the “The School is Ours” program, since some of the beneficiary schools are receiving this important support for the second or even third time.

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