42 “Invaders” evicted and arrested from beachfront land in Yucatan

Photo: El Universal

Chicxulub Puerto, Yucatan – By ministerial order, agents of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), proceeded to evict people who were appropriating land in the area of Uaymitún, near the beaches of the port of Progreso, and in the process there was a confrontation between police and these people who received them with sticks and stones, resulting in three police officers beaten and 42 detained.

The operation was carried out in the early hours of Monday morning when agents of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) evicted “parachutists” from the area, who for weeks had been building rooms with planks and sheets and were invading a large area of Chicxulub Puerto, a police station in the port of Progreso.

The police officers were received with shouts and threats, and several invaders even attacked them with sticks and stones, for which some were arrested; likewise, most of the invaders fled the area to avoid a major confrontation and to avoid being arrested.

It should be noted that the operation was in charge of the Undersecretary of Public Security (SSP), Carlos Flores Moo.

After protests in front of the Municipal Palace and a complaint to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) by neighbors and affected ejidatarios, the state and municipal authorities took action and released the invaded areas.

The invaders had already “divided up” these private lands, which are in litigation between private individuals and the ejido, and argued that they had no houses to live in.

All the invaders were removed as well as the structures they had installed. Police surveillance will continue at the site to prevent new irregular settlements.

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