16 images of ‘Santa Muerte’ are found buried in the ground in Maxcanú

Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Maxcanu, Yucatan; March 6, 2023 .- The paranormal investigator, Jorge Moreno, went yesterday to the Kanachén mountains, Maxcanú police station, to unearth and recover a total of 16 images of Santa Muerte that were discovered by inhabitants of the area, which caused fear.

An inhabitant published on his social networks that when he was walking through the mountains he observed that there was a person buried, for which he called 911. Police agents arrived at the place, indicating that what was there were images of the ‘Niña Blanca’.

For this, the researcher Jorge Moreno was contacted, who unearthed a total of 16 images, and right there he did a small ritual to rule out that it was witchcraft.

“Tomorrow I will upload a video with all the details of what I did, what happened, interviews and the result of why they were buried there with the offerings found,” said the researcher.

Photo: Reporteros Hoy

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