10 deaths in 10 days due to traffic accidents in Yucatán

The last 10 days for Yucatan have been tragic in terms of traffic accidents; according to La Verdad Noticias there has been one death every 24 hours, among them a minor, who lost his life in a hospital after the vehicle in which he was traveling was involved in a severe crash.

It should be recalled that 10 days ago La Verdad Noticias reported the deaths of 50 people due to this same cause, and at least 60 other people who were severely injured after being involved in a road accident.

According to the data of this news media, apart from the motorcyclists, who were three, as well as drivers, two pedestrians; in the case of cyclists and travelers or companions increased to one each.

  • 30 motorcyclists
  • 6 travelers/companions
  • 11 drivers
  • 4 cyclists
  • 9 pedestrians

TYT Newsroom

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