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Yucatán: Will the time change in the spring?

by Yucatan Times
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With the deadline for the next time change approaching, the State Congress is analyzing whether to maintain the disposition of no longer changing it in Yucatán or to take advantage of the power left by the Chamber of Deputies to the state legislatures to continue with the periodic changes, mentioned Víctor Hugo Lozano Poveda, president of the Board of Governors.

On the other hand, the PAN congressman considered that maybe it is about politicizing the issue of Parque Tho’ because the day before yesterday, for the second time, this issue was discussed in the tribune of the Congress.

Interviewed in the State Congress at the end of the plenary session on the time use, which next month may change in the entities that decide to continue with periodical changes, Lozano Poveda reminded that there is a faculty that leaves the states free to decide it.

“We do not necessarily have to disagree or not, we are of course in dialogue with all the political forces and we will be analyzing precisely what could be beneficial or not, especially hand in hand with the citizens, who are the most affected”, he said.

The coordinator of the PAN bench considered that each one of the arguments related to the schedule has pros and cons.

The deputies will have to make a very deep evaluation of these aspects because it is an issue that falls under the responsibility of the state authorities, he pointed out.

Yucatan, in analysis of the time change
For the time being, he stated that they are already in that assessment, from the moment the federal Congress approved the legislation in that sense, here in Yucatan they entered directly into that assessment.

In other congressional matters, he spoke of the already concluded glosa of the IV Government Report, especially regarding the complaints of the deputies who do not have their questions answered.

In his opinion, they always have to make a deep analysis of the formats approved by the Government and Political Coordination Board.

In this case, he recalled that six political forces agreed with the format, which can certainly be improved.

“It is always necessary to think about how to make the exercise of appearances more agile, more dynamic, but also that they have a lot of essence, I believe that this was fulfilled”.

“We had an exercise of exchange of questions and answers, with very valuable information that the secretaries and the director of Imdut brought to us.”

“Everything that adds and strengthens transparency, accountability, the proper exercise of the intervention of the Legislative Branch regarding the report of the Executive Branch will always be welcome”, he said.

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