Yucatan registers a 50% increase in eating disorders

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In Yucatán, stress and the increasingly accelerated conditions of life caused during 2022 an increase of close to 50 percent in the prevalence of nutritional disorders among Yucatecans, detecting one case every 28 minutes, revealed the specialist of the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (Issste), Betina Lara Ceballos.

During 2022, 18,803 cases of nutritional problems were confirmed in the state, of which 91.57 percent were due to obesity, 7.98 percent due to malnutrition, and the remaining 0.45 percent were due to anorexia and bulimia.

The problem increased by 59.19 percent, since 11,812 cases were confirmed in 2021, and the greatest increase was for anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders, by 150 percent, going from 34 to 85 patients attended, the highest figure in nine years.

On that occasion, 1,501 cases of malnutrition were detected, with an increase of 65.67 percent over the previous year, when the total was 906.

Meanwhile, obesity grew by 58.36 percent, since in 2021 there were 10,872 cases, and the following year there were 17,217.

Lara Ceballos expressed that despite the fact that inadequate eating habits can cause death, there is no culture of prevention, of learning, we are not used to visiting a nutritionist until the problem is serious.

Regarding obesity, “we must learn how to eat, know how to combine foods, respect quantities, and drink water during the day instead of food and drinks considered as junk”.

She pointed out that the fast pace of life makes us victims of stress, poor diet and other factors that harm our health, so “the nutritionist becomes an essential ally for men and women, regardless of age,” said the specialist from the Clínica-Hospital Mérida del Issste, located in Susulá.

She said that nutritionists help us to look and feel good, through diets and food programs designed to meet our body’s specific needs.

Nutrition has become a key part of modern man, who likes to look healthy, without forgetting the health benefits of a balanced diet, he said.

She explained that seeing a nutritionist is more than just joining the advertising campaign that promotes perfect silhouettes and a healthy lifestyle, it is a matter of health.

She commented that diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and heart problems, claim thousands of fatal victims and people with obesity are prone to suffer from them.

“One of the main causes of the growth of these ailments among the population is the inadequate way of eating,” she said.

For many, the fundamental axis of a healthy life is centered on two fundamental aspects, nutrition and exercise. This combination reduces the mortality rate, strengthens self-esteem and translates into a better quality of life.

“On the nutrition side, the nutritionist bases his strategy on three basic aspects, which are: balance, variety and moderation. The combination of these factors is a healthy diet, representative of the different food groups, and of course according to our needs for vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and other components.”

“For many it is easy to start a diet, but few of us take into account the balance required to achieve a healthy diet, and we get carried away.” “This is where the importance of the nutritionist is observed, a specialist who dedicates hours of study to analyze the food groups, catalog them and elaborate ideal combinations according to the previous study of our body composition”.

“The diet can be very tasty and achieve the goal of keeping us in shape to have a full life” “going to the nutritionist should be part of daily life”.

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