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Work begins to rehabilitate the markets of Merida’s Centro Histórico

by Yucatan Times
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In order to strengthen the local economy with new spaces that promote Yucatecan gastronomy and attract a greater number of users and visitors, the Mérida City Hall began work on the Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets.

Mayor Renán Barrera informed that with resources from the loan requested last year, the Municipality is investing a total of 19,356,629.88 pesos in the Lucas de Gálvez market, while 10,018,242.77 pesos are being invested in San Benito.

“In the borrowing request approved by the Yucatan State Congress last year, the rehabilitation of the two main markets in the historic center was contemplated, to offer a new image, build spaces that allow us to offer a line-up of artistic events to attract a greater number of users and visitors, as well as working on the rehabilitation of the water and drainage systems to maintain hygiene and health conditions in these spaces,” he said.

Barrera Concha indicated that these works will incorporate elements that will be attractive for users and tourists, with the objective of increasing the economic revenue of the tenants since there will be an improvement of the urban image, greater accessibility for pedestrians and a portfolio of services that will promote a greater affluence of people.

He added that although new areas will be added to the Lucas de Gálvez market, the characteristic architectural elements of the building will be maintained in order to recover the image it had in 1950.

On his part, the director of Public Works, David Loría Magdub, informed that the works in the markets, consist of demolitions in the upper part of the food premises of the Lucas de Gálvez, with the objective of changing their shape and presentation, since the idea is that the new spaces will be located in such a way that they have the City Museum as a view.

“We have places like San Sebastián, Santiago and Santa Ana where people go to eat; then, what we are looking for with the Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets is to turn them into a tourist site where people go day and night to eat there,” he said.

He pointed out that in the Lucas de Gálvez market, work will be done in the food, outdoor and handicrafts areas to implement mechanical mobility means that allow accessibility and free pedestrian flow, in addition to the construction of an area for artistic and cultural activities in the open air.

The construction of restrooms, the creation of a gallery area, the construction of an interconnection bridge with the former meat area, the remodeling of commercial premises, the construction of other commercial spaces and the integration of a lookout area in the building are also contemplated.

Regarding the work at San Benito, he said that the acrylics or polycarbonates that are already in bad condition due to the sun are currently being removed from the roof of the market. Subsequently, they will be replaced.

He recalled that the restroom area will also be improved and that shortly the process for a better garbage management will begin, which includes closed spaces that will be located towards 69th Street.

“We are aware that, although a lot of money is invested in the markets, there will always be pending issues. However, we are now taking important actions to respond to the most important needs that have been pointed out to us by the sub-direction of markets as a result of the opinions, suggestions and proposals of the tenants themselves,” he emphasized.

Regarding the works, he detailed that the treatment plant will be rehabilitated and the waste water will be improved, the sanitary drainage pipes at the parking lot level will be changed, cleaned and secured, in addition to general maintenance works such as cleaning, painting and dome rehabilitation.

He also pointed out that the floor in the garbage area will be reinforced, the ventilation system will be improved through ducts and extractors in that area, and a new drinking water intake will be installed to fill the cistern for more agility in the supply of the liquid to all the tenants.

Finally, he said that the hydraulic and sanitary outlets will be rehabilitated, as well as the change of the sanitary furniture in the public restrooms on the first floor.

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