Traditional huipil from Yucatan transcends borders and amazes the people of Rome

The state is internationally known for its traditions, gastronomy and culture, part of which Elda May brought to the city of Rome, when she wore the traditional huipil of Yucatan during her visit to the old continent.

Although her huipil was a little more stylized to her figure and she wore white tennis shoes, the young woman said she was proud to say that her costume was made in Yucatán.

According to what she shared on her social networks, the young woman visited the city of Rome, Italy and several people asked her about her huipil.

“Several people asked me about my huipil and I was very proud to say that it is made in my beautiful Yucatecan land”.

The young woman shared this message accompanied by two photographs where she can be seen posing in the Trevi Fountain, which is one of the monumental fountains of the Baroque in Rome.

TYT Newsroom

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