This is what Merida looks like from space: Japanese astronaut shares photos

Japanese astronaut Wataka Koishi shared photos of Mérida from space on his social networks. Through his Twitter account, he published the images, which have already gone viral and even several Yucatecan Internet users have reacted by thanking him for these shots.

This is how Mérida looks from space

Through his Twitter account, the cosmonaut shared a message and greeting for the city of Mérida on Sunday, January 29.

“Hello, Merida! We had an incredible view of the city from the International Space Station (ISS) as we flew over about an hour ago.”

The images first show the city of Merida a little closer, while the second photo shows the Yucatan capital with the surrounding coastline.

It is worth mentioning that a day later, the astronaut also shared a photo of Monterrey as seen from space, so they flew over our country from north to south. The image shows the city of Monterrey along with the Cerro de la silla hill and a completely clear sky.

Currently, astronaut Wataka Koishi is on a space mission and is part of JAXA, the Japanese Aerospace Agency, which has six active members and works directly with the International Space Station.

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