The University of Tabasco detects the sale of a fake professional thesis for 25 thousand pesos!

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At the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT), theses were sold for up to 25 thousand pesos to obtain a bachelor’s degree; according to an investigation, the merchants are teachers and 15 cases have been discovered so far.

Suspicions of profit with professional works reached the ears of the directors of this house of studies, so according to sources, an investigation was undertaken a little more than a month ago with the help of the Cybernetic Police.

Guillermo Narváez Osorio, Rector of the most important university of the entity, revealed the progress of this investigation, after being approached by journalists in the Academic Division of Engineering and Architecture, yesterday.

“We now have 15 (cases) that are already in the last stage of the process. When I say, I give data, it is because I have the elements,” he said.

He pointed out that some of them were detected in the Cunduacán campus, and the works were carried out in the last year.

“These (purchased works) are those of now,” he said.

He indicated that the teachers were the ones who made the works to the students and the costs oscillate between 20 and 25 thousand pesos.

Goodbye! Farewell!“, replied the Rector, when questioned about the fate of the teachers who were identified in these illegal practices that are contrary to university ethics.

Between four and six professors involved in the sale of theses
Narváez Osorio pointed out that between four and six professors are being targeted, and that an investigation process has been initiated and is about to conclude in order to proceed with the corresponding sanctions, which in the first instance, he said, would be the termination of their contracts.

Subsequently, it was reported in a press release that five professors have been suspended so far.

The Rector refused to elaborate on which careers the professors are from, and insisted on limiting himself to saying that the professors who will face an administrative process belong to academic divisions located in Cunduacán.

He also informed that this university has an anti-plagiarism software called “Turnitin Authenticated”, which has been used for two and a half years to prevent the existence of unoriginal and unpublished thesis works.

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