The first MediMac health fair is being held in Merida

In order to bring quality health services to Merida’s society, MediMac clinic opens its doors to the general public with the first Health Fair.

In this fair, which is completely free for the attendees, medical consultation services, blood pressure glucose test, as well as stands of medical equipment suppliers are offered.

The director of the clinic, located in the Uptown Plaza in the north of the city, Felipe Ravel, said that this health fair seeks to bring a message of prevention to detect diseases in time.

He pointed out that MediMac is a complete clinic, which has the necessary equipment to treat any disease, with completely new facilities.

MediMac has been in Merida for 6 months now, and it is a hospital group with more than 15 years of experience.

“We have 15 rooms, with an isolated room, we have 17 specialty consultation modules, we have two operating rooms, intensive care, a very complete imaging area, with ultrasound, X-rays, magnetic resonance, we also have clinical analysis, 24-hour emergency service, we are a complete hospital,” he said.

“We have been in Merida for 6 months, we started operations last year, but we are part of the Mac hospital group already with 16 hospitals, this year we are celebrating 15 years as a company brand,” Felipe Ravel concluded.

This first health fair is the beginning of other events that they will carry out during the year, and will be this February 25 until 5 pm.

TYT Newsroom