TFJA confirmed that Grupo Elektra, owned by Salinas Pliego, owes 1.4 billion pesos in taxes

On Thursday, February 2nd, the Federal Court of Administrative Justice (TFJA) dealt a new blow to the attempts of Grupo Elektra, owned by billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego, to use the judicial system to avoid the payment of a tax credit of 1.4 billion pesos, derived from tax irregularities in 2008.

The Superior Chamber of the TFJA today confirmed the validity of the resolution determined by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) in an official notice of December 2017, which endorsed the multi-million tax credit.

Grupo Elektra, which controls the commercial and financial branch of Grupo Salinas–including Banco Azteca and Elektra stores–then filed a direct injunction, through which it got a collegiate court to issue nine observations.

The TFJA analyzed them and declared them null and void; it determined that “the resolution must be recognized again“, and therefore the tax credit of 1,431 million pesos.

Last year, the federal government forced Grupo Elektra to pay a first tax credit of more than 1,800 million pesos, which unleashed the fury of Ricardo Salinas Pliego: after stating that he preferred to pay rather than legally fight the ruling -a common strategy for the main business groups-, he lashed out against the “communist dogs” that celebrated the payment.

The SAT still claims more than 38 billion pesos from Salinas Pliego’s companies, both Grupo Elektra and Tv Azteca, all derived from irregular tax operations perpetrated up to 2013.

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