Public transport in Mérida would innovate with the use of electric vehicles

In Yucatan, more than half of the population uses public transport for their mobility, most of the units that provide this service are among the main generators of pollutant emissions, because they operate with vehicles that are more than 10 years old, even up to 15 years old that use fossil fuels.

Faced with this problem, strategies have to be implemented to care for the environment. Most people think about doing something in the long term or the future, but the important thing is to focus on the present and do something now.

For this reason, Yucatán they are committed to electric public transport, since a few days ago some pilot tests were carried out in Mérida with electric units, vehicles that offer 85 percent daily fuel savings, which would be reflected in the pocket of dealers. In addition, they do not generate ecological impacts or contribute to the carbon footprint.

TYT Newsroom

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