Papadzules are indeed one of the most representative Traditional Maya Food dishes still alive today

You may be wondering if there are any Yucatan vegetarian foods. In all honesty, there aren’t many, but for vegetarians traveling to Yucatan Mexico, you’ll definitely have to try the papadzules (pronounced pa-pawed-zool-es).

Papadzules are an ancient Mayan food, still eaten in their original form in Yucatan today. This dish is made with enchiladas (rolled tacos), that are filled with boiled, chopped egg and topped with two sauces, pepita salsa, or pumpkin seed sauce, and chiltomate, a mild tomato salsa.

While all the other dishes listed in this article are a bit heavy, with pork as the main ingredient, papadzules are light yet flavorful.

enchiladas with egg and pumpkin seed saucelechon pork | best yucatan foods

For some Yucatan visitors, papadzules may be an acquired taste; however, they are a locals’ favorite you can find throughout the Yucatan.