New “Herencia Viva” handicrafts center to open in Mérida

The Herencia Viva store, located next to the Monjas church in the Historic Center, will return to 100 percent operation during the first week of March after remodeling work, revealed Antonio González Blanco, head of the Yucatecan Institute of Entrepreneurs (IYEM).

He also informed that a fourth branch of this platform for the development, promotion, linkage and commercialization of Yucatecan products is being built in the Magical Town of Izamal, which will be located within the State Center for Entrepreneurs and will begin operations in the second half of this year.

“We are working on the construction of a new store that will be in the Magic Town of Izamal, which is a fundamental point for the entity because it brings together tourists coming from Merida and Cancun,” said the state official, who pointed out that the aim is to take advantage of tourism in the area.

He added that the new store will be a reality thanks to an investment of more than 4.5 million pesos and will join the branches of Herencia Viva in the State, which are Uxmal, Aeropuerto and Monjas, the latter being the headquarters and the largest that the State Government has for the promotion of various Yucatecan products.

González Blanco commented that, despite the fact that the Monjas branch is not operating at 100 percent, during January the other two branches achieved the same economic revenue as in January of last year with less sales, being the airport store the one that sold the most, thanks to its location and the number of people that arrive daily.

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