More than 50 jellyfish attacks registered in Progreso, Yucatan

Photo: YAM

The authorities implemented measures on the beach of Progreso, after registering more than 50 jellyfish attacks since last Sunday, February 19th.

The appearance of dozens of jellyfish on the beach of Progreso forced the authorities to decree restrictions so that there are no more injuries, as more than fifty people have been stung in four days.

People ignored the authorities’ advisories and regardless of the danger went into the ocean.

“People can enter the beach, but at their own risk, honestly we have done everything possible to make them see that the water in this sector is not conditioned, but most people do not pay attention, they choose to go into the sea” specified an ecological agent located next to the “Meteorite Museum”.

Indeed, on a tour that was carried out in this area, most of the visiting families remained at sea, which came as a surprise when they were questioned about the presence of these species that since February 6 have been seen both on the shore of the sea ​​as among the bathers.

“We knew absolutely nothing, I think more information is needed on this situation because when we arrived at the port nobody told us that there were jellyfish in the ocean,” exclaimed Josefina Ortiz, a Mexican tourist who visited the port of Progreso.

Paramedics and police from different units were present to respond to any call for help. Two adolescents aged 16 and 18, had to be taken to a hospital

In consultation with the Red Cross-Progreso delegation, on Sunday, February 19th, there were about 30 people affected by jellyfish. 

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