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Mexico will house 4,000 Venezuelan migrants per month rejected by the United States

by Yucatan Times
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Each month, Mexico agrees to house 4,000 Venezuelans who migrated to the United States, but were rejected due to Title 42, which allows U.S. authorities to immediately expel undocumented migrants arriving through its land borders.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) issued the report entitled Unilateral Measures by the United States on the implementation of Section 265 of Title 42, where it states that “the idea that Mexico will receive 30 thousand Venezuelan nationals per month is false”.

The document sent by the Foreign Ministry to the Mexican Senate states that from October 2022 to January 25, 2023, Mexico received a total of 16,268 Venezuelan migrants who were rejected by the United States due to the sanitary measure known as Title 42. That’s an average of 4,000 Venezuelan nationals per month.

The figure, according to the trend observed in the first 25 days of January 2023, will decrease in the following months and Mexico will receive only 8.9 percent (2,700) of the 30,000 migrants rejected by the United States.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the numbers will go down, as the US government has increased the number of Venezuelans admitted to the country. About 26 thousand people from Venezuela were approved to travel by air to the United States; out of which 15 thousand were able to regularize their migration status.

Foreign Affairs indicated that given the increase in the migration of Venezuelans, between July and October 2022, the United States expanded the humanitarian permit program to include more persons from that country. Such an access route allows Venezuelan migrants to arrive directly at their destination in the U.S., without transiting through Central America and Mexico, irregularly.

“In this way, it drastically reduces the risks of irregular transit over thousands of kilometers and also minimizes the contact with criminal networks that profit and benefit from undocumented migration”, it specifies.

The Mexican government acknowledged that having a regular mechanism to enter the United States has had a positive impact on the decrease of irregular flows in the border area.

In October 2022, the United States reported 21,179 encounters with Venezuelan nationals at the border with Mexico, these numbers were reduced to 7,656 and 6,757 in the months of November and December 2022.

“Up to January 22, 2023, 5,517 encounters are reported, which represents a reduction of 74 percent”, states the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

The unilateral measures of the U.S. government also mean an unprecedented way of orderly entry to its labor market, which translates into a growing number of people who no longer face the risks of crossing irregularly.

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