Mexican superstar Luis Miguel returns to the stage!

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Luis Miguel announced his 2023 concert tour, in the middle of Valentine’s Day, a fact that surprised fans.

He shared an image on his networks that reads Tour 2023, however he did not give details about the dates or places he will visit. 

Luis Miguel tour 2023:

Let’s remember that his friend and businessman Carlos Bremer confirmed a long time ago that ‘El Sol’ would return with 200 shows, which he is preparing on the European continent, specifically in Spain. In addition, in recent weeks some images of the singer have been published with his alleged partner Paloma Cuevas in the aforementioned country , so it may be an affirmation that he has been rehearsing everything there for his great return. 

The announcement of Luis Miguel tour 2023

Through his social networks, the interpreter of ‘When the sun heats up’, published an image of him smiling with the letters: “TOUR 2023”.

When will Luis Miguel perform in Mexico?

Great details have not yet been given about when and where it will be presented, but it is contemplated that it will definitely come to Mexico City and sing the songs that we like so much at the National Auditorium, so you have to wait a few days to have more news at in this regard, although it has been said that he may visit other countries, in addition to Mexico.

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