Mexican singer Belinda is one of the main events at the Merida Carnival 2023

Belinda breaks the silence and reveals that she has big projects for 2023. Photo: Internet

The beautiful and successful singer Belinda will visit the city of Mérida for the festivities

The Carnival of Mérida has begun and one of the main events is of course the internationally recognized singer Belinda.

It should be noted that this edition of the Carnival represents the reactivation of the artistic sector since it is expected to receive approximately 1.2 million people who will translate into an economic spill of 500 million pesos for the different sectors that participate.

The celebration began on February 4 and will end on the 22nd of the same month. In total, six musical concerts will be offered for the different concerts. Last Saturday, the party was ignited by the queen of the tropical genre Margarita the Goddess of Cumbia.

Belinda’s arrival in Merida is scheduled for Sunday, February 19. However, it is preceded by other events; some would say the best is saved for the end. Belinda’s feature presentation will take place on the Mérida Stage.

The musical festival will begin with Karol Sevilla, Mexican actress, singer, model and presenter, star of the children’s series “Soy Luna” on Disney Channel.

Later on, the Latin Grammy nominated singer-songwriter in the regional Mexican genre and coach of La Voz México, Joss Favela will take on the stage. Joss is the composer of greatest hits for successfull Mexican artists such as Julión Álvarez, Banda MS and La Arrolladora Banda El Limón.

And finally, the night will close with the talent and beauty of Belinda, one of the most successful young singers in Mexican pop today. Everything will start at 6:00 p.m.

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