Mexican Police extorted money from tourists with the new Anti-tobacco Law in Puerto Vallarta

Last Thursday, February 2nd, Puerto Vallarta municipal police officers demanded money from Canadian tourists in exchange for not having them arrested for allegedly violating the new Anti-tobacco Law.

The events occurred approximately between 20:30 and 21:00 hours, when a couple of tourists were smoking a cigarette next to the creek that leads to Las Palmas beach.

The municipal police officers pointed out to the tourists, who are guests of Hotel Las Palmas, that smoking was prohibited in the area due to the new Anti-tobacco Law, regardless of the fact that they were in the street, so they had to take them under arrest, otherwise they demanded 500 pesos and even asked them to go to the cashier to give them more money.

The version was confirmed by the manager of Hotel Las Palmas, Gabriel Igartua. So far the Municipal Police have only indicated that they will investigate the facts.

TYT Newsroom