Mauricio Vila Dosal delivered the rehabilitation works of the “Centro de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo”

Photo: YI

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal delivered the rehabilitation works of the Centro de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo: CARD (High-Performance Sports Center), located in the south of Mérida.

In a ceremony held on the central court of the High-Performance Sports CARD, located at Calle 8 by 19 and Circuito Colonias, Colonia Maria Luisa, Vila Dosal explained that this was a team effort.

“Where the State Government put the resource through IDEFEEY, Segey joined to give maintenance and deliver furniture, as well as IDEY. That after two years of remaining closed as a result of the pandemic caused by Covid 19, it deteriorated even more. Today it already has modern facilities, in which each room already has air conditioning, beds were changed, and new bedspreads. The good news continues, so in two months the remodeling of the Benito Juárez Unit, which is in poor condition, will begin,” he said.

For his part, the director of IDEY, Carlos Sáenz Castillo, recalled that during the campaign of the state president, it had been proposed that these facilities that housed the Faculty of Mathematics be remodeled and leave it with decent facilities so that athletes can train in the different sports that are they practice.

In his turn, the mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, emphasized that in August of last year he witnessed the beginnings of the remodeling of this building, which today is a reality and a fulfilled commitment of Mauricio Vila Dosal.

“The City Council of Mérida and the Government of the State of Yucatán assume the responsibility of promoting the sports capacity of Yucatán. ”

More than 14 sports are practiced at the High Performance Center.