López Obrador says Televisa manipulated videos to discredit officials in Campeche

Image: Televisa Noticias

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, declared that the videos revealed by Televisa, were manipulated to discredit officials linked to the Governor of Campeche Layda Sansores.

Lopez Obrador affirmed that this material was recorded during the government of the PRI member Alejandro Moreno, a situation verified by the secretary Armando Toledo.

AMLO also stated that, according to a study (he did not mention which study), the Mexican television company known as Televisa has used more time to discredit the president than to report on the trial of Genaro García Luna in the US.

One week ago, officials part of the Sansores gabinet were shown on video receiving large amounts of cash at government office.

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